In addition to the SASL mechanisms which KICL supports, there are also authentication protocol classes for popular authentication services NickServ (as implemented in Atheme) and GameSurge's AuthServ. These are described below:


The NickServ authentication protocol works by sending a private message to the "NickServ" nickname, using the IDENTIFY command. The account name and password are provided:

PRIVMSG NickServ :IDENTIFY accountname password

It's possible to extend the org.kitteh.irc.client.library.auth.protocol.NickServ class and override the getNickServNick() method if your network uses a different nick for the NickServ service (but the command syntax is the same).

To configure the KICL client to use the NickServ authentication class:

client.getAuthManager().addProtocol(new NickServ(client, "accountname", "password"));

NickServ is used with this syntax on networks which use Atheme. This includes Freenode and EsperNet amongst others. Anope should also support this syntax.


GameSurge's AuthServ protocol uses the "auth" command and sends it to

PRIVMSG :auth accountname password

To use the GameServ protocol with KICL:

client.getAuthManager().addProtocol(new GameSurge(client, "accountname", "password"));